Hotel Guide

Discover the dining, leisure and entertainment options within your hotel with a complete guide to the bars, shops, restaurants, pools, courts and everything else on offer. Find their open hours, where you can locate them and even book them if necessary.


    Communication directly from the guests to concierge with details on all services offered. Most can be available by request directly through the app.


    Offer informative descriptions within profiles on all your amenities so guests know what they are using and can request buy whichever they desire.


    Showcase your range of room types and their features. Promote upgrade requests and increase exposure for your key product.


A guest should never wait on hold. Our intuitive requests system will decrease the need for phone calls to reception as guests can study and request all the offerings at their leisure on their own, familiar smart phone, including simply asking to be called back. The result is time saved by reception and time better spent by the guest.


    Have tour booking requests directed straight to the correct operator to avoid delays and double handling.


    Have clients extend their stay directly via the app and avoid discouraging delays while saving reception time.


    Clients can order amenities refills with a simple tap in the app, saving time and potentially negative feedback.

Local Guide

Experience interactive maps of the city around your hotel, populated with concierge recommendations and itinerary suggestions as well as local landmarks and attractions.

  • MAPS

    Avoid large, printed maps and carry local maps with recommendations and important transport points relative to you, with you on your phone.


    Give your guests the pleasure of recommendations tailored especially for them, by your hotel staff. Personal by-lines in the content can give that extra personal touch that guests appreciate.


    Build and suggest the perfect sight-seeing itineraries for your guests to make the most of their stay and surroundings.

Increase Revenue

Experience increased sales, staff productivity and in turn, revenue as requests are directed efficiently and affiliate programs automatically earn you commissions.


    An entirely new communication channel is built between you and your guest for you to promote and advertise through.


    Increase in-room sales as clients easily place requests and orders with efficiency and comfort on their personal devices from anywhere.


    Receive booking commissions on citywide attractions/restaurants/tours and more through affiliate booking & reservation channels integrated with your app.